Get More Appointments Faster with Open Books

Schedule and trade in minutes

View booked appointments
at a glance

Open Books MD automatically provides daily calendar updates. We keep track of your schedule.

Save time and book remotely

Avoid time-consuming office visits to book appointments. The books are now in the palm of your hand!

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Need to trade?

Trade the appointment you don't want for the appointment you do want in seconds.

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Make the trades, ditch the emails

  • Don’t miss a trade opportunity.
  • View personalized trade opportunities sent straight to your inbox.
  • Quickly receive notifications when trades are available.
  • Make trades territory wide.

Know instantly when books are open

  • Spend more of your time in your appointments instead of booking them
  • No more risking a missed opportunity
  • Coordinate appointments with colleagues

Increase face time with doctors

  • Reduce unproductive calls.
  • Spend more time in appointments instead of booking them.
  • Coordinate appointments with colleagues.

Transparent scheduling

  • Be more strategic in placing your appointments.
  • View colleagues' appointments, so you know when to join them.
  • Use Open Books MD to gain the competitive advantage.

Additional Features

What's for Lunch?
Keep menus fresh. See who catered the last five meals.
Receive Alerts
Receive alerts on a book that just opened.
View Office Profiles
View office contact information and doctors' schedules.

Let’s schedule all of your physician-rep meetings.

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